The things we do to animals are infuriating, and horrible. Here is a list of some of the issues animals face. Please read the issues below.

Orcas in captivity

Is SeaWorld as compassionate as it claims to be? #Blackfish

   Lots of people go to SeaWorld, and other places like it, for entertainment. But orcas in captivity often suffer. Orcas have been kept in captivity since 1961. 

  • "At least 145 orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild since 1961 (including Pascuala and Morgan).
  • 125 of these (or 86%) orcas are now dead.  
  • In the wild, male orcas live to an average of 30 years (maximum 50-60 years) and 46 years for females (maximum 80-90 years).
  • Of the 33 orcas that have been born in captivity and have since died (excluding stillbirths), they survived an average of 4.5 years.
  • In total, 158 orcas have died in captivity, including 28 miscarried or still-born calves.
  • SeaWorld holds 23 orcas in its three parks in the United States and owns (at least) a further four at Loro Parque in Spain (ownership of Adan and Morgan not verified). At least forty-four orcas have died at SeaWorld."

As of February 2014, 54 orcas are in captivity. 

Want to learn more? Watch the documentary, Blackfish. 

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Main sources of captive display orca

Dog Meat in China 

In America, dogs are man's best friend, loved for their loyalty.  But if you travel to China, you may find dogs on the platter. That's right, in China, it isn't abnormal for dogs to be served in restaurants, food stands, and hotels. Their are even dog meat festivals and markets! But the good news is that as more people are becoming aware of what is happening to dogs in China, more people are become against the dog meat trade. 

Picture Credit: Humane Society International

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Pets in Planes?

So, you are traveling and you take your pet along on the plane flight.  But is your pet truly being treated with love and respect? No, not always, especially if your pet is flying in the cargo area. 

Despite hundreds of incidents in which animals have been lost, injured or killed while being transported by airplane, the airlines have shown little regard for the safety of the animals who are entrusted to them," said Valerie Stanley, Animal Legal Defense Fund senior staff attorney. "We feel compelled to let consumers know that they are risking their pets' lives when they transport them by air." 

The summer is the worst time for animals to fly, with temperatures soaring above a dog's comfort zone.  "These are animals that are struggling to breathe, their hearts are racing, and they're in a panic, suffering extreme stress and anxiety," said Dr. Lila Miller, a veterinary adviser for the New York-based ASPCA.

Do you want to help? Please don't fly your pets in cargo and warn others not to either. It's as simple as that.

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Safari Club International

Do you think that SCI is the Earth-friendly, conservation organization that it claims to be? Well... think again. Safari Club International is actually a club for wealthy big-game hunters who compete in killing wildlife for the most awards. Members of this club collect the heads, hides, and horns of animals and enter them in SCI's record book of trophy animals. To earn every award/recognition that SCI offers, a hunter must kill at least 171 different animals from different places around the globe. 

Safari Club International even allows endangered species to be included in its record book. They seem to believe that endangered animals recieve far too much protection, and  "conserve" animals by killing them.

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Canada's Shame

Every year, baby harp seals are killed in Canada for their fur. More than 2 million have been killed in the last 10 years. Even worse, 98% of the seals are killed younger then 3 months old. 


To kill the seals, sealers use  "hakapiks" because it allows them to kill the seal without damaging the seals' fur.


Commercial fishermen hunt seals between their fishing season. Their are about 50,920 Canadian fishermen. 6,000 of these fishermen are sealers as well.


Well no, not exactly. Usually, less than 5% of a sealer's annual income comes from the seal hunt.


For fashion. And each seal pelt or seal fur clothing item, is 100% cruelty. 


  • Write letters to the editors about the seal hunt. The seal hunt is relevant to articles about global warming, marine mammals, Canada, Canadian seafood, and boycotts. 
  • Make your car a "Sealmobile"! It's quick, easy, and inexpensive to advertise helping seals as you cruise through town! Buy window paint or chalk and write seal-friendly messages on the back of your car, or just put some bumper stickers on the back of your car
  • Join the Canadian seafood boycott
  • Hand out leaflets and action cards to people eating in restaurants such as "Red Lobster" that sell Canadian seafood
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Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoots

Pennsylvania is the only state that is known to host multiple pigeon shoots, most of them at private rod and gun clubs. In 1921, pigeon shoots were banned in Britain, and with the growing movement of being humane in the United States, it was banned in a growing number of states. Today, pigeon shoots are only held openly in Pennsylvania. Pigeon shoots are very cruel and inhumane. An average 3-day pigeon shoot can kill up to 15,000 birds. Please don't ever support or attend to pigeon shoots. If you live in Pennsylvania, tell your state that pigeon shoots should be banned.

Greyhound Racing

Racing greyhounds is a horrible thing to do. For the few minutes that greyhounds will be on the track, there is so many hours per day that a greyhound will be kept cramped in cages and in muzzles. Greyhounds are drugged in order to increase their performance, and females are injected with steroids. In addition to these drugs, cocaine has been found at many greyhound racing tracks across the country. While traveling from race to race, greyhounds are harmed as well. It is common practice for there to be up to 60 greyhounds in one truck, with two or three dogs per crate. Several greyhounds died on a 100-mile trip between Naples, Florida, and Miami. Even after greyhounds can no longer race, they are tortured and sold to animal testing labs across the country. You can help stop greyhound racing by protesting against any greyhound racing in your area with posters, buttons, brochures, and leaflets, pledging to never attend a greyhound race, and by telling others to do the same.

Letting Cats Roam Outdoors Alone

Allowing cats to roam outdoors alone, is popular, but is it the safest choice for your feline friend? No. Cats face many dangers outdoors: they can be hit by cars, stolen, abused by cruel people, or attacked by other animals. They can even be stolen by dogfighters who use the cats as 'bait' while training their dogs, or by 'bunchers', who sell the animals to research labs where cats will be experimented on. Many people have learned their lesson about letting cats wander outdoors alone. In Pompano,Florida lost cats were found in a storage warehouse of a dogfighting building. In Washington D.C., a cat let out for her daily walk came back to her owner with burns from hot cooking greese. In South Dakota, a fur trader was caught selling cat skins. The list of tragic events goes on and on and on. You can help by keeping your cats indoors, where it is safe for them, and by supervising them whenever they go outside.

Kangaroos Killed For Leather

Adidas, Puma, and Reebok are all brands that people really on for terf shoes, soccer cleats, basketball shoes, and other sport footwear. What you may not know is that many kangaroos are killed to make some types of shoes these brands make. Kangaroo leather is used in the shoes, and so many innocent kangaroos are slaughtered every year.
Australia exports about  3 million kangaroo skins to Europe and the United States. Products are often marked with “K leather” or “RKT” to hide the fact that they came from butchered kangaroos. Kangaroos are shot miles from civilization and society to hide the cruelty that over 1 million joeys and 7 million adult kangaroos go through. Because of the high demand for kangaroo leather, many species of kangaroos have gone endangered or extinct

You can help kangaroos. Never buy products from Adidas, Puma, or Reebok even if they aren't made out of kangaroo leather, you still don't want to be supporting these companies. Support organizations and foundations to help save kangaroos and spread the word around to never wear products made from kangaroo leather

Exotic Pets

Hedgehogs, lions,sugar gliders, tigers, skunks, foxes, and baby alligators. These are just a few of the exotic animals used as pets. These animals have never been domesticated, and we cannot put them into captivity. Many people think of exotic pets as "no big deal" or "just a pet". In reality, exotic pets are a big problem. Many animal lovers keep exotic pets with no intention of hurting them. But they do not know where these animals came from. 

Exotic pets are often captured in the wild. These animals are shipped to the United States-but most of them die. This causes for more animals to be captured and killed. Animals such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and some snakes, do not like being in cages or tanks. They are used to being in the wild-and not having restrictions for where they can go. 

You can help these poor animals in lots of ways. Never buy exotic pets-and encourage every one you know to also. If you want a companion animal-stick with a domesticated one.


Help "Sore Winners"

Tennessee Walking Horse That Has Been Sored

Soring is awful and cruel. "Soring" is a way to make Tennessee walking horses pick up their gate. They use chemicals, chains, heavy shoes, knives, and other painful and gruesome objects that make it hurt for a horse to step down. Trainers do this so that horses will have a unnatural, articifical gate known as the "Big Lick" gate.

The life of a sored horse is filled with terror and pain. While being sored, a horse can be left in a stall for even days at a time, with their legs covered in harmful chemicals and plastic wrap so that the chemicals can absorb into the horses flesh. 

These "performance horses" are pretty much ALWAYS in their stalls, except for shows or performances. They never get to graze properly or be excercised and ridden without pain.

Whaling-Awful And Cruel

Whaling---is awful and inhumane. Every year, so many whales are killed for their meat and oil. We don't need to kill these remarkable animals, but we do anyway.

 Whaling is super inhumane. Japan has killed over 8,000 minke whales for                      "scientific purposes". Metal hooks are driven into the whale's spines. Then the animals slowly die because of blood loss. An witness on Australian whaler,  described the long, slow, painful death of a whale.

"The harpoon seemed to pass right through it, which can happen and the second explosion took longer. The whole event this time seemed in slow motion. The whale dived, and a great green cloud burst up to the surface. Blood turns green underwater at 50 feet...or was this some of its intestines? It came up on the starboard side, its huge head, a third of its total body size, shaking itself, and then it gave out a most terrible cry, half in protest, half in pain, and then it dived again. They loaded the next harpoon, the killer, but could not get a shot at it as it twisted and turned, hurting itself all the more.  Finally, the lookout in the crow's nest shouted down that it was coming up dying. Its mouth was opening."

Currently, there is no way to kill a whale instantly. Some methods of killing whales(minke whales) can take up to an hour. This means that instead of suffering for just a brief amount of time,the whale suffers for up to hours even. You can help whales in lots of ways. NEVER eat whale meat or use whale oil or blubber, and spread the word about the cruel torture whales have to go through.

An Inside Look At The Chicken Meat and Egg Industry

The Colonel's Secret Recipe

  For chickens who are in factory farms, life is really tough. From day one, they are tortured, and thrown on to a conveyer belt. All males are not needed so they are either left in a dumpster, put in a grinder, or thrown and stompped on. The females continue on their long and sad journey of slaughter. All females go to have their beaks trimmed. Their beaks are trimmed off with a scorching blade,with no pain killers. Chickens beaks are like our hands. The egg and meat industries claim that they need to reduce feed costs and decrease aggressiveness in all birds. However, many countries have banned beak trimming, and they have no problems. 

 Next, female chickens will wait in cages for about two years.This time will be awful, dead chickens won't be taken out of the cage, they will be left to rot and die. The chickens will often rub against the side of the cage, making feather loss common. Brittle bones and weak bodies are often found, with little or if not no food, water, and excercise. Sometimes a regular cage mostly used for factory farming can even be cut in half at KFC factory farms. The pain and terror that chickens usually have is worsened at factory farms who supply to KFC.

 Later, if you are a chicken that will be used for eggs, you go into a battery cage two years later. In this cage all natural instincts will be denied for you. A study made by doctors M.S. Dawkins and S.Hardie found that hens need 72 square inches to stand,178 inches to preen, 197 square inches to turn around, and 291 inches to flap their wings. hens can no longer produce eggs, they will be slaughtered.

  The slaughtering process is gruesome and harmful to these chickens. They are hung by their feet, their throats are cut, and they are dragged through boiling water to defeather them. Next, they are skinned even when their hearts are still beating.

    You can help chickens. If you eat chicken, never eat from KFC, Subway, Burger King, or Mcdonalds, restaurants that use inhumane ways of killing. Eat from restaurants that use CAK-contolled atmosphere killing. These farms make sure that their is no harm and suffering for the chickens. They always make sure that the animals are unconcious before being deafeathered and skinned. 

Sheep Killed For Wool

Sheep on factory farms suffer so much. We treat them so badly. Just like all living creatures,sheep can feel pain. Just when they are as young as eight weeks, their ears are hole-punched, their tails are chopped off. Then the sheep that do survive are transported to countries where there is no such thing as animal welfare. Then the sheep go through a horrible procces, mulesing. In mulesing, the sheep is held up and huge chunks of skin are torn away from the it's backside. This is not right. 

Old or not needed sheep are sold and auctioned to be slaughtered. The journey to the slaughterhouse is awful. The animals are hung by their ears and legs and stuffed without any space,water,or food. Then the poor animals are slaughtered in ways that are not humane at all. Usually the animal is still concious while going through procedures that are so brutal and mean. 

Contrary to what many people think, "shearling" is not at all sheared wool. Shearling products are made out of the skin and coat of a lamb, who was shorn shortly before slaughter.

You can help sheep. Try and find alternatives to wool, such as cotton, synthetic shearling, and other cruelty-free clothing fibers. Also, tell everyone you know about the wool industry.